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Quebec Food Processing

Food Production Investment Scheme (Fpis)

The Food production Investment Scheme allows an agribusiness investor to invest his/her fund into the AGRO-FARM PRODUCE BUYBACK SCHEME of Quebec Food Processing Industrial Parks Ltd’s planned MECHANIZED CROP PRODUCTION to be set-up in the Food Production layout in Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates project sites.


By your Investment, you are eligible to earn for a tenure of 18months, 36months & 60months depending on your choice of crop or livestock to invest in.

Quebec Food Processing

Why Invest In Agro-Farm Produce Buyback Scheme

Investing in Agro-Farm Produce Production is a good strategic move. One inevitable fact is that, whether the overall economy is in a recession or booming, people still have to eat. Because of this, Quebec Food management team & shareholders regards agriculture and farming investments as being recession-proof.


Furthermore, as the world’s population increases, the needs to feed a growing population has become a serious subject matter to all nations and with the less land, farming will play an increasingly important role in sustaining global societies and the interest in agricultural activities (Food production) as an investment will continuously  grow alongside the world’s population.

Based on this, the scheme is been introduced for Nigerians both home and abroad, to take advantage of the huge opportunities available in the food supply chain in Nigeria, and to collaborate with us by investing their funds in their own little ways in the food production site layout in Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates, likewise to ensure regular supply of farm produce to sustain production for the Agro-food processing plants to be set-up in the agro-processing industrial layout of the Agritech City.



Moreso, for Nigerians in diaspora and back home to contribute their quota through investment with Quebec Foods in supporting the Federal Government initiatives through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nirsal Plc, of cultivating 4 million hectares of farmland by engaging 8 million Farmers across the country with expectation of producing about 12 million metric tonnes of Grain Product Equivalent (GPE) annually over the medium to long term.

Our Business Structure

The Investment Scheme is open for public and private participation to invest in the various value chains, categorized below:

  • Mechanized crop production such as cassava, rice, maize, millet, soya beans, sugar cane, tomato, vegetables, Fruits, Plantain and others.
  • Cash Crops such as cashew, cocoa and palm kernel among others.
  • Poultry and Livestock  – dairy and aquaculture (fisheries) development

Quebec Agro-Food Cooperative Society Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Simply create an account, Once you have completed the account creation process, you will have immediate access to your personalized Quebec Food account. You can review your dashboard and click on new investment. Review the farm investment portfolios and select a farm. Enter the number of units you will like to invest in and click invest now.

The program cycle is dependent on the specific farm type. It ranges from 18months to 60 months.

The amount of investment varies from $1000USD – $2000USD depending on your choice of farm investment package.

The minimum unit of investment is one unit. Participants can take as many units available but not exceeding 100 units at any given time and cycle of investment.

Yes, we know that every business has its own risk, either systemic or non-systemic. At Quebec FOODPRO IP, security of investment and safety of investors’ trust are taken with utmost importance. In other words, we know, understand and agree that we are investors’ trust bank, and we will therefore not compromise this fragile relationship. This has made us to commission the services of the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and Leadway Insurance as a means of risk management and mitigation.

The farms are insured to mitigate against any form of crop losses from fire, lightning, aircraft, windstorm damage, flood, outbreak of pests and diseases etc.

  • South West (Oyo & Ondo State)
  • South-South (Delta, Bayslea, Rivers, Cross-River & Akwa Ibom State)
  • South East (Imo, Ebonyi, Abia & Enugu State)
  • North Central (Nassarawa, Kogi & Kwara State)
  • North West (Sokoto & Taraba State)

Yes. Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates project site is open for visitation every third Saturday of the month, any other days at investors request is solely the responsibility of the investor.

You receive the following documents:


  • A receipt of payment,
  • Certificate of Investment & Deed of Investment
  • Provisional Letter of allocation for Land Asset backed security for your
  • investment in Quebec Agritech City Residential Layout.
  • A Site layout plan (to identify your allocated plot)
  • Bank Guarantee (BG) for Investment above 100 units.

You can hold onto the land for a maximum period of 24months. However, once your investment is matured, your right to the property is withdrawn immediately.

Your earnings are inclusive of your invested capital for investment above 18months spread within the 36months or 60months. This is to ensure all investors gradually get their fund within the investment tenure.

Investing in agricultural value chain has the potential of giving you financial freedom and generating enormous profits for you and other prospective investors.


Quebec Food Processing Industrial Parks Ltd’s aim and objective of launching this scheme is to establish a financial legacy with greater sense of financial stability for Nigerians via entrepreneuring activities in the non-oil sector for global economic impact.

As an investor and a Nigerian through your investment you have contributed to the economy of this nation and as well saved this Nation from famine, starvation and hunger, and also restored hope to devoted farmers in Nigeria.

Every team member carries this level of dedication and commitment to the cause we stand for. It is our utmost priority to deliver on our promise. We are professionals in agriculture, economics and international trade. You can count on us!

We ensure a high probability of success by using industry best practices, we have built a robust model to minimize and mitigate risks in our agricultural investment portfolios. We explore and provide best possible mitigation measures that meet our promise made to investors and partners.

At Quebec Foods, we have a team of field officers attached to each farm estate. These officers provide constant oversight on all farm operations. We then use drones and CCTV cameras to conduct farm surveillance. Each investor can watch live progress of farm estates on the Quebec Foods platforms. 

Every investment on the Quebec platform is backed with data. We have a   dedicated team of agro-professionals, economists, and data scientists who constantly monitor every investment. This team conducts rigorous data mining and reviews our investment portfolios to minimize risks. With data, we can determine which commodity, location, and season would bring the maximum returns for our investors.

Produce from our farms are for both local consumption and export markets. We   have partnered with several off-takers including other food processing companies locally and internationally. We will produce according to the demands of our processing plants and from our partners.