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Welcome to Quebec Earthwork Group of Companies.

We are pleased to introduce Quebec Earthwork Group of Companies, as one of the most determined firms in Nigeria envisioned to make a difference and create opportunities for the populaces, with it primary interests in Construction, Real Estate, EPC, Industrial Equipment Supply, Manufacturing of Processed Foods, Food Production, Agro Products Marketing & Distributions, Agro Exports & Commodity Imports.


The company has a strong and exceptional management team that drive its operations towards reaching the vision laid out by its promoters, to ensure investors gain value for their investments.

Quebec Foods

Quebec Food Processing Industrial Parks Ltd

The World Trade Organization ranks Nigeria as the largest food market in Africa, with significant investment in the local industry and a high level of imports. The food Production and beverage sector is estimated to contribute 22.5% of the manufacturing industry value, and 4.6% of the country’s GDP.

Agric-Tech City

Quebec Agri-tech City Project

The Quebec Agritech City Project model is a future city, a mixed land-use development mixed income future Farm Estates that is passion driven by a team of Agriculture and Real Estate Experts, with the aim of investing in new generation dedicated farmers and Youths to address the following:

Quebec Cooperative

Quebec AgriFoodPro Co-op Group

Quebec Agricultural & Food Processing Co-operative Society Ltd is a new generation co-operative and purpose-driven cooperative that invests in Agriculture, Real Estate, Agro commodities Trading, Haulage, Inter-state Transport, logistics & POS Agent Banking Outlets.

Solve Problems

Agro-Processing Plants Investment Scheme

Agro-Food processing is a key contributor to South Asia countries and motivates labor movement from agriculture to manufacturing. This is to reduce the wastage level and fill the increasing demand for processed food. Nigeria needs adequate infrastructure, processing & storage facilities, and research/skill development to succeed in this sector.

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