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Earn up to 6% Return on Investment Monthly

when you invest in pos agent banking investment scheme with Quebec agrifoodpro coop group. So, Earn more with ease from your comfort zone

Quebec Agro-Food Cooperative Society Ltd

Quebec AgriFoodPro
Co-op Group

Quebec Agricultural & Food Processing Co-operative Society Ltd is a new generation co-operative and purpose-driven cooperative that invests in Agriculture, Real Estate, Agro commodities Trading, Haulage, Inter-state Transport, logistics & POS Agent Banking Outlets.


Quebec AgriFoodPro Coop is an arm of Quebec Food Processing Industrial Parks Ltd and Quebec Earthwork Nig Ltd developers/promoters of Quebec Agritech City & Farm Estates project in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To empower people economically, by investing in micro-economic activities to ensure that the populace are served in body, mind, and spirit.

Our Vision

To be a micro-economic investment platform; producing, processing and rolling out healthier natural food products to consumers.

Our Core Values

Financial prudence • Transparency • Futuristic projections • Inclusive participation • Diligence • Social responsibility

POS Investment Scheme

Why POS Agent Banking Investment Scheme?

Nigeria is making progress with financial inclusion, the growing importance of mobile money agents is also a chance to bridge the gap between banks and customers.

Following the latest data released by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) stating the value of transactions done across Point of Sale (POS) channels in Nigeria increased from N1.14 trillion recorded between January and May 2019 to N1.64 trillion within the same period in 2020.

The report implies that the total value of transactions from POS machines rose by N500 billion, which represents a 43.8% increase in five months. However, The latest report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), which measures Nigerias spending pattern in both food and non-food items revealed, that of the total, 56.65% of the household expenditure was spent on food, with the balance of about 43.35 spent on non-food items. These and others are the items Nigerians purchase using POS.


Investing in the financial sector by setting up POS Agent Banking outlets in foodstuff Markets and Farmers settlements will reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria, serve the unbanked populaces and provide unique banking services for the urban and rural underbanked neighborhoods in Nigeria.



To become the most preferred partner of Nigerian farmers, fulfil its mission of growing organic food for the populace and create a network to invest in micro-economic activities dedicated to local communities.


To invest in startup/existing farms and processing firms in Nigeria with the aim of generating multiple streams of income for its members, encourage farmers and job creation for Nigerian youths most especially the Agric related unemployed graduates with a passion of raising new generation farmers leaving a financial legacy with greater sense of financial stability via entrepreneuring activities in the non-oil sectors for global economic impact.


To invest in agric value chain that includes assembles of support services for its members through local and international programs in strategic rural and urban areas of Nigeria.


By 2030, Quebec AgrifoodPro Coop anticipates to have empowered, at least, three million Nigerians to move out of the unemployment cycle and successfully invested in four (4) Agro-Processing Industrial Parks, fund approximately One Million Hectares of farmlands across Nigeria; likewise provided affordable housing for one million Nigerians in Quebec Agritech City Projects and empower 3000 youths with POS Agent Banking Outlets in urban and rural areas (Food stuff Markets & farmers settlement) through its collaboration with key players in the industry via its investments and premeditated goals.

Quebec Agro-Food Cooperative Society Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Yes.  You can book an appointment for visit through the Cooperative officers dedicated lines: North Central 09095448350, 09095448351, South West: 09095448354, South East: 09095448357 and south – South: 09095448350

The POS Agent Banking investment scheme is to encourage members of cooperative and the public to invest in the financial sector by setting up POS Agent Banking outlets in foodstuff Markets and Farmers settlement with the aim of providing unique banking services to the un-banked urban, rural communities’ with a motive of earning returns monthly, quarterly and yearly basis; and creating jobs for the youths.

The amount of investment per unit is N55,000.00, Interested investors can only invest minimum of 3units per time.

  • 3 months plan – earn 18% ROI (Minimum 3units) 6% monthly
  • 6months plan – earn 39% ROI (Minimum 6units) 6.5% monthly
  • 12months plan -earn 84% ROI (Minimum 12units) 7% monthly.

Yes, you can but in line with Q3.

Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive the following documents:

  • A Certificate of Investment
  • A Deed of Investment and Post-Dated Cheque
  • Call any of the dedicated lines and indicate your interest.
  • Upon clarification, an application form will be sent to your email from the cooperative dedicated email: [email protected]
  • Upon submission of the form, you shall be forwarded account details with 9Payment Service Bank to proceed with your payment.
  • Send evidence of Payment to the cooperative dedicated WhatsApp: No: 09095448350.

When exactly will I start earning from my investment and how is my ROI paid Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis?

Your investment in the scheme gives you financial freedom and generate enormous profits.

As an investor and a Nigerian through your investment you have played a major role in transforming both the micro and macro economy of the nation into posterity and sustainable growth.

North Central Operational Office:

After Nigerian Navy Multipurpose Coop Society Ltd by Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro, Abuja.

South East Operational Office:

No. 97, Royce Road, By Edede Junction, Owerri, Imo State.